Some affection, only use beloved, know the real taste. Some things, only really done, will not regret in mind; Some road, only way, to life, body not YiShun exactly; Some truth, only understanding attentively, bosom, the day is how rich, how wide is the sea, to have more wide, therefore, has a vast mind is most important, understand tolerance, be kind to others, treat yourself, cherish every ray of sunshine, twist a smile, the face of life, life will be splendid flowers, qingyuan continous sweet time.

Fireworks, life world of mortals dream. Don't let time in a hurry, years deeply. Suddenly, life geometry, time change, and the left who can't stop, who also won't go away. After the prosperous, is still a piece of dust on the floor, one thousand years. The wind fallen petal numerous, intelligent soft hand touch, like fireworks, oh to repulse, moments of aestheticism, frames into eternity.

Sitting time and light on fireworks, text ferry, fine goods. The years vicissitudes of life, to taste the torrential rain, the feeling of life, and tasted the goodness of life. Learn to smile every day, the past and distracting, blend in a bit of autumn QingJian scenery of the heart, light red buckish, heart, to warm, sunny haze.

Through time picture scroll, the day, in a hurry, warm, romantic, satisfied and content. Early in the morning, your light language, wake up the sweet dreams, I open my eyes, your forehead, your smile, your hug, is the day I most happy aftertaste. A cup of warm water, a wisp of fragrant rice, it is the hardest thing in the world the most pleasant real earthly fireworks. Simple feelings in the most ordinary life, the ordinary experience the most real emotions. Wipe with a warm, in ordinary comprehend the true meaning of love, simple but elegant, let heart QingJian; Let the life is simple, zen; Let the life so much, you can.